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Meet Ciara, Office Manager

Ciara is our part-time Office Manager at Glanmire Chiropractic Clinic, where she has played a vital role since she started here as a receptionist in 2007; she transitioned to her current position in April 2014. Throughout her two pregnancies, Ciara experienced the benefits of chiropractic care from the clinic’s doctors, and she continues to prioritise her health with regular care.

In her current role, Ciara manages the clinic’s background administration, handling payroll, supply ordering, and staff coordination tasks. While she used to be at the front desk full-time, Ciara now focuses on behind-the-scenes support, ensuring smooth operations while also available to the team to help out where needed.

Ciara, her husband, and their two children actively receive chiropractic care. Her children started getting care from a very early age. Her son was about two months old when he was first adjusted! She particularly appreciates the preventative aspect of chiropractic care, sharing that both her children have prescription insoles to address potential orthopaedic issues.

As chiropractic in Ireland isn’t readily accepted, Ciara wishes for better understanding and acceptance, emphasising its relevance and importance. She wants to dispel the notion that chiropractic is about “neck cracking”. Ciara is very proud that our practice has garnered such a good reputation that it carries itself.

In her spare time, Ciara enjoys reading, traveling, and spending quality time with friends.

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