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Glanmire Chiropractic Clinic Chiropractic Staff

Meet Ciara, Sarah, Monika and Emma

Ciara is the Office Manager here at Glanmire Chiropractic Clinic, and has been here for a number of years. Ciara began with us as a receptionist back in 2007 but took up her current role in April 2014. Since the beginning of 2023 our team has expanded and changed and we are now very happy to have Sarah, Emma and Monika working with us as receptionists across both of our locations.

Friendly and Outgoing

Our team love working here at the Clinic, and all have very friendly and outgoing personalities. While they are the smiling, friendly faces of the Clinic, they always maintain an empathetic and professional relationship with our patients. Both locations are very people-oriented environments that require compassion and consistent attention to the human element of those suffering with pain, and our team offer these qualities in abundance.

A Great Team!

This is a busy Clinic, and there is a lot involved in running the front desk, answering phones, processing patients, preparing patients for treatments including Gaitscan, as well as carrying out a myriad of other administrative functions needed to run a busy office. They all work together to run the Clinic very efficiently, and they make a great team.

We are Patients Too!

The staff and their families, are patients at the Clinic and find their care here to be very beneficial to their general well-being, while also having specific issues treated when their active lifestyles require it.

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness! Call Glanmire Chiropractic Clinic for an appointment today!

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